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Visit County Durham has been tracking the visitor profile for the county since 2007. The latest survey in 2012 showed that the profile of people visiting Durham has shifted over the last five years.


While a significant number of visitors still come from within the North East, the county is welcoming many more visitors coming from the North West and Yorkshire regions. We also continued to welcome a significant number of tourists from the South East, Midlands, London and Scotland.


There has been an increase in the number of visitors who may be described as active high spenders especially on innovation and technology, and globetrotters who like new challenges. These visitors now are the largest proportion of visitor type in the county at 23% of all visitors – more than the national average of 18%.


We continue to attract two other major visitor types – those who hold traditional values, like stylish comfort and live life at a relaxed pace but still enjoy new challenges, and arts and culture (17%); and independent individuals who are high spenders on what they want but intolerant of substitutes, enjoy intellectual challenges and value good service (9%).


Visitors who are cost-conscious, independently minded and value function over style continue to be another major visitor group, but the proportion of this group visiting the county has fallen significantly from just over 40% to 17% since 2007. The age profile of our visitors has become more evenly spread, with Durham attracting a much higher number of people from the younger age group of 35-44 years.


The visitor survey

A survey that is repeated once every 2-3 years to establish any changes tourist demographics and behaviour.

Visitor segmentation

Research that establishes the profile of existing and potential visitors. It also outlines the awareness, perceptions and preferences of the visitors.

Destination Performance

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