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Who We Are, and What We Do
Who We Are, and What We Do

Who We Are, and What We Do

Visit County Durham is the tourism management agency for County Durham working on behalf of businesses and public agencies. We came into being on 1 April, 2006 and are a private, not-for-profit company, limited by guarantee, with a board of directors. We are one of around 40 such organisations in England.


The company is mainly funded by Durham County Council. The private sector also contributes financially to our work in return for benefits and activities that meet their needs. Visit County Durham places the visitor at the heart of everything we do. Our company mantra is: 'It's all about our visitors'.


Our vision is:

For the county to offer a visitor experience that matches or exceeds the best offered by England’s premier county-based destinations.

For Durham to fulfil its potential as one of North East England’s lead destinations, attracting visitors to the region from across the UK and from target overseas markets.

For the visitor economy to comprise 17% of the county’s economy by 2020, making a significant contribution to improved economic performance.


Our purpose is:

To provide strategic added value to tourism activity in the county and leadership to both the public and private sectors on the visitor economy. We work to put the visitor at the heart of decisions affecting the visitor economy and deliver the county’s destination management and marketing function. Our purpose can be summed up as:

To create wealth by providing support and opportunity to everyone working in the county's visitor economy.


What is our role?:

We bring coordination and leadership to tourism activity across the county and work with public agencies, local authorities and tourism businesses.

Our main activity is destination management. This means influencing or delivering directly activities that relate to visitors and the visitor economy, including marketing, information services, product development, visitor experience, business engagement and workforce development.

Many people are involved in delivering a vibrant ivistor economy, one organisation cannot do it alone, which is why we are a partnership. We take a different role in each of our areas of activity depending on need and existing arrangements.


Our aims and objectives:

Our objective is to ensure that the tourism sector performs to its maximum capacity and brings economic benefits to the county in the form of wealth and job creation. Our broad aims are to attract people to the area and to provide visitors with the best possible experience.