Durham Research
Durham Research

Durham Research

Visit County Durham gathers and analyses current and relevant intelligence and information to help the county’s tourism sector to prosper and grow.


By having clear and objective insight into visitor and business trends, we are all able to:


  • Understand visitor satisfaction levels and identify areas for improvement
  • Identify the strengths and opportunities for development
  • Understand people’s motivation for visiting the county
  • Make informed development decisions for the county
  • • Help inform and guide others on funding decisions
  • Understand visitor trends such as demographics, booking sources, use of the internet etc.
  • See how tourism expenditure makes an impact in the local economy.

Destination Profile

Durham has a wide range of accommodation including hotels, guesthouses bed and breakfasts, inns, farmhouses, restaurants with rooms and university campus as well as self-catering properties, camping barns, bunkhouses, hostels and camping and caravan sites.

There are approximately 480 accommodation businesses, providing around 15,000 bed spaces.

There are around 70 visitor attractions in Durham