Visit County Durham Publishing Terms and Conditions

Code of Conduct


Only businesses that agree to use their best endeavours to meet the following requirements may be eligible to participate in publishing and marketing activities undertaken by Visit County Durham (VCD):

  • To fulfil all appropriate statutory obligations and have Public Liability Insurance
  • To maintain premises and ensure they are in a clean condition and fit for purpose
  • To describe fairly to all visitors and prospective visitors the amenities, facilities and services provided by the establishment
  • To have clear and transparent pricing
  • To adhere to, and not to exceed, prices current at time of booking / visit
  • To deal promptly and courteously with all enquiries and complaints from visitors

Publication on VCD Web Channels
The information you provide will be processed for use on VCD websites for the purpose of advertising your business to a wide potential customer base and to service enquiries from the public and third parties. VCD does not guarantee that the information supplied by your organisation will be published in full, and retain the right to make editorial amends. We will make every reasonable effort to ensure accuracy but will not accept liability of any kind arising from, or in connection with, the use or publication of information, including as a result of any error or omission on the part of VCD. VCD reserves the right, in their absolute discretion, to refuse or withdraw your eligibility to participate in any of their publishing or marketing activities.
By accepting these Terms and Conditions you warrant that the information you have provided is true and accurate and, if published, will not constitute an offence under the Trade Descriptions Act 1968 or the Consumer Protection Act 1987. Your acceptance also constitutes agreement to indemnify VCD against any and all liability, loss, damage, costs and expenses which VCD may suffer as a result of a third party alleging that the use of any information provided by you constitutes an infringement of that third party's intellectual property rights.


By submitting images to VCD you grant permission for their use (and the information provided) in a variety of media including, but not limited to, multiple websites, leaflets and social media. VCD cannot guarantee that images supplied will be used, and reserve the right to use photo editing tools to ensure that images being used meet our criteria. You confirm that you are authorised to supply the image and that it does not infringe any existing copyright or other intellectual property right. We further warrant that the image is accurate and if published, will not constitute an offence under the Trade Descriptions Act 1968, the Consumer Protection Act 1987 or breach any codes of practice relating to advertising or sales promotion. Your acceptance also confirms that consent of any individual featured in an image has been obtained for such use. Your acceptance also indemnifies VCD and any third parties to whom the image is supplied against any loss, damage or proceedings arising from breach of these warranties. In addition, you grant that the image may be supplied to other carefully selected third parties for tourism-related purposes.


Data Protection
You give VCD permission to use the information you provide to identify gaps in tourism products and services; develop existing services; for market research; statistical analysis; the promotion and sale of tourism services; customer service; administration monitoring; tracking and recording participation in projects and publications. The information held within the VCD database will be made available to registered users and other users as specified above through password enabled web access.
By supplying your contact details you give VCD permission to make contact to provide industry updates and information on services, initiatives or events that may be of interest. You also give permission for your contact information to be supplied, on a non-commercial basis, to Partners that VCD may work with in relation to tourism marketing, developments or market intelligence for use in their / our joint work.